Sunbathing beauties (aka Ridgeback loafers)

Posted by houndrat on Monday Apr 21, 2008 Under dogs, family life

Well, obviously the weather has warmed up around here.? How can I tell without going outside?? By? taking a gander at the view of the bathing beauties from my? sliding glass door (By the way, please forgive the fuzziness of the photo.? For some reason, it looks like our doors have been utilized as someone’s personal? snot rag? and scratching post.? ? Nothing like a? little hound dog slime? to add flavor to our pictures.)

Okay, so at least Fergie deigned to open her eyes and look at the camera, but honestly, Skye appears to be dead.? What is it about a sunny day and warm? concrete that turns even the feistiest hounds into lazy loungers?

And take a look at this photo.? It was actually taken about an hour after the first one, and in that time Fergie had begrudgingly gotten up for a drink and a quick bird chase before her next lounging session.?

What I want to know is, how in the heck did she manage to assume the exact same position she was in prior to getting up?? Seriously, can you tell the difference between this photo and the first one?? It’s like somebody made one of those chalk outlines to mark her? spot (except those are just for dead people).?

Actually, I’m thinking she must have super special top secret hound dog powers, including some kind of? sunbathing? radar.? Oh? yeah, and? the not-so-special (or secret, for that matter) ability to destroy massive amounts of? household items in a single bound.

What I want to know is—when is she planning on tanning the other side?

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2 Responses to “Sunbathing beauties (aka Ridgeback loafers)”

  1. Denise Says:

    Ha! My 14 monthold goes out the back door and melts like butter in to the hot sand. Now my little 11 week old does the same!!

  2. Brenna Says:

    YES! Mine do that too. On our hot driveway in the summer. And you an almost hear the sizzling of RR frying up.

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