Okay, so today, I had a mini road-rage episode.? ? Due to some super-human self-restraint,? I didn’t side-swipe? the other car? or even give them a little love tap on the back bumper.? Or shoot them with an Uzi.? But I did flip them the? bird.?

Which, depending on who you are, doesn’t sound all that bad—except that my 4-yr-old son was in the car.? Luckily, he didn’t quite catch on.? His comment was, “Why are you waving at that man mommy?”?

Oh yeah, and “What does jackass mean?”? Oops.? (Although, to be fair, “jackass” was a pretty innocuous word compared to the much more satisfying choices running through my brain).

So, what happened that caused me to flaunt my middle finger so flagrantly?? Basically, the guy wouldn’t let me merge into his lane.? I had a designated freeway entrance lane that was ending, traffic was crawling, and everyone else ahead of this donkey’s bottom seemed perfectly fine with letting folks merge, one-at-a-time.? Not this joker—he deliberately sped up and cut me off —three times.? As if getting one car ahead was going to significantly chip away at his commute time.? Finally,? I honked, whipped around his sorry butt, and then went so far as to roll down the window so he could appreciate my tallest digit in all of its? glory.?

So, maybe it wasn’t the most polite thing to do.? Or the most prudent, for that matter.? But it did make me feel a heckuva lot better.? That counts for something, right?

Of course, as retribution for my transgression, I got to hear “Mommy, why was that guy a jackass?” and similar variations for the? duration of? our painfully slow drive home.

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2 Responses to “Southern California road rage, or, “Mommy,what’s a jackass?””

  1. Jill Says:

    Love it! My daughter kept saying “Sheet. Sheet. Sheet.” one day on the road. She thought I blurted that instead of what I really said. Whew.

  2. Sharon Says:

    It always helps to vent it out and don’t worry in years to come your son will never remember it.

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