Musical beds, or, Honey, there’s a hound in my bed

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Mar 12, 2008 Under dogs, family life, kids

Musical beds.? Sounds kind of kinky, right?? It brings to mind orgies, swingers, or some kind of new-fangled frat party theme.? At the very least, you might think of being serenaded by an acoustic guitar while snoozing.

Yeah, well,? we had a little musical bed action going on here last night, and I can guarantee you, nothing quite that exciting was happening.? Not by a longshot.? Oh, everything started off? okay.? ? ? Hubby and I got in bed, turned off the lights, and had ourselves all tucked in nice and cozy by 10:15 pm.? Nothing unusual about that.? Except that while I stayed there all night, hubby abandoned ship sometime before midnight.? Apparently, he’s been having insomnia issues lately.? So he ended up sleeping on a pallet he’s made in the loft.

So far, no huge deal, right?? But then, I go downstairs this morning for seriously? no more than? a minute.? When I come back up, ready? to crawl? under my nice warm covers? again, who do I find?? Impostors, hogging my bed:

Why isn’t anyone staying in their own bed?

Now, it’s no biggie? if Skye and Connor? help themselves to our? bed once in awhile.? However, I do object to the fact that they look annoyed by me coming back to claim my rightful spot.?

Notice who’s absent from this photo.? Yep–the Ferganator.? She sleeps in her locked kennel virtually every night.? Why?? Because I don’t really fancy being smothered by a hound dog blanket in the middle of the night, thank you very much.? As with all things, Fergie pushes cuddling to the extreme.

And of course, Peanut doesn’ t get to sleep on the bed because, for some reason, it’s hard to fall asleep with fetid old rottie breath growling in your ear.

Hmmm….maybe that’s why hubby chose the pallet—smart man.

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