Hot Dog

Posted by houndrat on Monday Mar 10, 2008 Under dogs, family life, kids

I came across this photo of my son and Fergie and just had to post it.? I guess? it gives a whole ‘nuther meaning to the term “hot dog”.? ? And I thought Ridgebacks weren’t supposed to like the water—I knew? my little liver-nosed monster? was defective.

Now,? the part? I really can’t figure out—-does Fergie think she’s a person, or does my son think he’s a Ridgeback?

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5 Responses to “Hot Dog”

  1. Sheri Cobb Says:

    I think it’s a combination of both because they look VERY much bonded to each other to me.
    What a LOVELY RR and a CUTE child too.

    THANKS so much for sharing.

    Sheri Cobb

  2. Cheryl Wilson Says:

    Cute!! Cute!! Cute! My opinion is I think your Fergie thinks she’s a person. I honestly think Ridgebacks forget they are Ridgebacks or even a canine in general! What a lovely pair! Very cute picture – thanks for sharing!

  3. laurie staffeld Says:

    love your kids and dog, all beautiful. laughed reading about the hubby.. glad mine is the only odd one. Our ridgebacks Jake and Elwood hate hate hate water. cold, warm, doesn’t matter. You’d think we were torturing them on bath day; their sad resigned faces are truly pathetic.

  4. Brenna Says:

    Very cute!

  5. Carol Noel Says:

    Gotta love it! Honestly, I believe Fergie thinks that she is a human!;)

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