Hubby’s mid-life crisis

Posted by houndrat on Monday Mar 3, 2008 Under family life, husbands

Well, it’s finally happened.? My husband has officially lost his mind.?

Okay, so maybe I’m being a tad melodramatic, but seriously.? What would you say if your husband suddenly took up skateboarding–in the middle of the night?? Because it’s always such a great idea to try out a new sport involving wheels in the pitch dark.? And I’ve seen my husband on roller skates before.? Or rather, I saw the roller skates on him.? He spent the vast majority of his time splayed in an assortment of unnatural poses on the ground, futilely attempting to cling to the safety bar at the rink.? Even the six year-olds were snickering.

And this morning?? I caught him drinking a cup of raw eggs.? I tried to convince him that Rocky didn’t really drink the eggs, that it was all just a paid ad by the Egg Producers of America.? I also told him not to come crying to me when he came down with salmonella.? I mean, I’m all for a healthy diet, but I don’t this is exactly what the proponents of switching to raw foods had in mind.? At least, I’m thinking they meant? more raw? broccoli,? less raw decomposing animal flesh.? But I could be wrong.? I suppose the egg thing goes along nicely with the Rocky II theme my husband has been singing lately, along with my son, although his version is “I Have the Tiger.”? Which, in all honestly, is slightly less lame than the real words, so I don’t correct him.

At thirty-seven, I’m thinking hubby is too young for a mid-life crisis, so what do you suppose this is called?? A new baby crisis?? You know, I wouldn’t be concerned, if only he’d taken up garage organizing or gourmet cooking as his new callings.

Then again, this is the man who used to drink tuna shakes (trust me, you don’t want to know) when I first met him, so maybe? my goals are a? bit lofty.

But the night ‘boarding has gotta go.?

? *****P.S.? I have sinned.? My husband just read this post–would you like to know what his only comment was?? Apparently, I made a terrible error—”Eye of the Tiger” is? NOT from Rocky II (which? for some unknown reason? he recently downloaded to his I-Pod).? I’m guessing it must be from Rocky III then, because I’m pretty sure the only song in Rocky one was “Getting Strong Now”, or whatever that annoying little mantra was called.?

So, no offense intended, to all you Rocky-aholics out there.? I’m not sure how I got confused—let’s see, in Rocky I,? Sly beats the odds and boxes, in Rocky II, he beats the odds and boxes, in Rocky III, he beats the odds and boxes, etc., etc., ad nauseam.*********

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