Hubby makes progress

Posted by houndrat on Monday Feb 25, 2008 Under family life, husbands

Okay, so my hubby made HUGE progress this weekend in the picking-up, or as I like to say, the not-being-such-a-massively-disgusting-slob,? department.

? We didn’t get off to a good start, though.? On Friday morning, I was ready to pull out my hair.? Piece by piece. Until I was sporting the Bruce Willis look.? Why?? Because I was bemoaning the fact that a grown man either a) cannot find the trash can in his own home, after residing there for over two years or b) lives in a dreamland where trash miraculously morphs into the trash can all by itself or c) both of the above.

See, my husband had a little? snackie that morning, and left me to wake up to this:

Exhibit A:? Fortune cookie left on counter

Apparently, it was either a disgusting cookie, or he only opened it for the fortune inside.? Either way, he left the? cookie entrails? behind for me—how sweet.? ? Here’s hoping? the fortune said, “I see cleanliness in your future”, and not “You are destined to live your days like filthy swine”.

The next photo, though, is awe-inspiring.? This is a very rare moment, a once in a lifetime occurrence, and I got it on camera.? My husband was actually cleaning his hair cuttings out of the sink within minutes of making the mess!? Without any prompting from me!

If I hadn’t actually? recoreded this moment for prosperity, I would have thought I was daydreaming.

Granted, he left the vacuum in the bathroom afterwards, but hey, you’ve gotta crawl before you walk.? Baby steps, people, baby steps.

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