the pitfalls of a 3-car garage

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Feb 20, 2008 Under family life

Okay, so this picture has absolutely no bearing on the intended subject matter of this particular blog post, but it was just too cute not to share.? Maybe my hubby’s ADHD is contagious.

Oh, crap—also unrelated to my blog post, but entirely relevant to my real life—I totally forgot to order the photos we took of Finley at Kiddie Kandids last week.? How long do you suppose they keep them until they’re deleted?? (Please don’t say a week, please don’t say a week, please don’t say a week.)? ? I pray they still have them available to order, since my mom already picked out the ones she liked.? Unfortunately, she has a mind like a steel-trap when it comes to details (whereas mine is more like….unsteel.? Who? the heck made up that? ridiculous saying, anyway?), so there will be no photo-switch-a-roo possible.

Okay, so on to the real topic of my blog…which is….um….yeah, so apparently I just forgot.? Hey, you try to write while listening to American Idol wannabes hack out horrible renditions of classics in the background.? The human brain can only take so much torture at a time.? And mine is about done for the day.

Besides, I’ve gotta see if I can still order those photos—before I’m disowned.?

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