Fergie takes a drink

Posted by houndrat on Friday Feb 15, 2008 Under dogs, Uncategorized

My dog is broken.? ? Or defective.? Either that, or she’s a Mastiff in disguise.

Why do I say this?? Because as far as I know, Ridgebacks are not supposed to spill enough water when they take a drink to cause the Titanic to sink.? Seriously, I’m afraid one day she’s going to flood my kitchen, at the very least.

None of our eight other Ridgebacks have ever done this (And before you ask—no, they don’t all live at my house, although I realize that’s hard to believe, given the? mess).? ? In fact, most of them are downright dignified imbibers, taking dainty tea sips from the bowl.? At the most, they spill a drop here or there.? I mean, we’re talking Ridgebacks—if they get their paws wet, they might melt.

So why, oh why, do I have? the? defective one? that forces? me to wade through small ponds of water day after day, soaking my socks with spillage and doggy drool?

Exhibit A:? ? Fergie, taking a drink.

Exhibit B:? The aftermath.

The question now is—-do I refill the bowl, or do I just let her drink off the floor?

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3 Responses to “Fergie takes a drink”

  1. lorien Says:

    Would a raised dish help?

  2. IdentityMixed Says:

    I think it’s a Ridgeback thing. All three here do that. But now that I think of it…. one of my dogs did live with you. Maybe it’s some weird Bermuda Triangle in your house?

  3. Meg Says:

    My Ridgeback-mix drinks like that….and our Ridgie friends drink like that, too. I think the *other* Ridgies were defective and Fergie is “normal” (if you can call a Ridgeback “normal”!).

    And being a Ridgeback princess, you *know* she won’t drink off the floor! Once the water is out of the bowl it is invisible to the sloppy Ridgeback, at least that’s been our experience. Silly to even think it.

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