Ridgebacks are smarter than husbands

Posted by houndrat on Monday Feb 11, 2008 Under dogs, husbands

The Ferganator strikes again.?

I haven’t been keeping score, but I think it’s something in the range of Fergie 50, husband 0.? By this point, don’t you think hubby would know not to leave assorted cardboard? boxes laying around in the backyard?? Apparently not.? Or maybe it’s a another new look he’s fostering—I’ve dubbed this one “shabby unchic”, or for the more succinct reader, “trashy” works just fine.

? Exhibit A:? Caught in the act!? (Yes, that’s Skye in the bottom corner, saying, “This is so beneath me.? I only eat books, you know.”)

Exhibit B:? Our patio after Fergie was finished decorating.

Exhibit C:? Hey, look, she’s tired.? Apparently, destroying a backyard is? exhausting work.? ? (Auntie Dawn, aren’t you glad Fergie approves of the Christmas gift you bought Connor?)

Hmm…come to think of it, the patio looks a little like the inside of my purse.? I wonder if I could use any of those cardboard pieces later?

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2 Responses to “Ridgebacks are smarter than husbands”

  1. Kim Conrow Says:

    Such a funny story about your yard! I love the look on the trampoline!

  2. Carol Noel Says:

    Ahhhh, life with Ridgebacks. Gotta love it! I have two Ridgeback girls of my own and this reminds me SOOOOO much of their destructive behavior. My boys, on the other hand, TOTAL angels!

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