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Posted by houndrat on Monday Feb 4, 2008 Under family life

I have actually made a decision.? What is it?? That I’m the world’s most indecisive person.? So it’s pretty miraculous that I’ve come to this conclusion.? I just wish other choices would come so readily.

? For instance, take a gander at the email I just sent out to the other members of a new book discussion group I recently joined.

<<<Okay, ladies.? I know most of you don’t know me that well yet, so I imagine you don’t know that one of my (numerous) flaws is my massive indecisiveness.? Actually, that’s the understatement of the universe.? When it comes to decision-making, I’m about as skilled as T.S. Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufock (if you’re not familiar with him, give “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock” a read some time—great poem).? Since my father never could pick a movie, restaurant, or even his nose without dithering on the pros and cons of each event, I’m pretty sure it’s genetic.

But I digress (yep, another flaw).? My point is that I’ve narrowed down? our potential book-reading list to a few books, but given my lack of prowess in the decision-making department, I can’t seem to pick just one.? What does this mean?? Basically, that I need you guys to decide for me.? Or at least give me input.? Pretty, pretty please (luckily, excessive pride is not one of my shortcomings).

Otherwise, I’ll? probably still be mentally debating which book to choose up to the day of the meeting, at which time it would obviously too late for anyone to buy and read my choice.? Thus, our options would be limited to reading material readily available in every home.? The phone book jumps to mind.? Or the back of a diaper box, maybe.

So, to prevent that from happening (I mean, do you really want to learn any more about diapers than you already know?) my list is as follows:

The Eight by Katherine Neville (great book I read a long time ago and would love to read again, but it’s over 500 pages, so may be too much)

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh? (classic novel on the 100 must reads of the 20th century, but it’s pretty old)

Either Skinny Bitchby Freedman and Barnouin or The Omnivore’s Dilemmaby Michael Pollan (both about the way we eat in the U.S., one written with a little more angst and one from a little more intellectual perspective—may be of little interest to some of you)

The Glass Castle (a current memoir and probably the safest choice so nobody shoots me, or worse, kicks me out of the book club)>>>

Bear in mind—I just met most of these women for the first time a week ago.? I’m fully expecting the book club to mysteriously “disband” next month.? ? And of course? re-band with one less member.? Namely, me.

The kicker?? I didn’t end up picking any of those above choices as the book of the month.? Instead, I offered up two new ideas.? Seriously.? I know.? I am a bad, bad person.? Honestly, I think it’s a disease.? Kind of like schizophrenia.? Only not.

The regular group of moms I hang out with have learned.? After experiencing my waffling wishy-washiness for the umpteenth time, they’ve figured out how to handle me.? They simply leave me out of any and all decision-making processes.? Nowadays, they just tell me where we are meeting for lunch, which park we are going to, where the next mom’s night out is.? That way, we actually get to? do these things without somebody wanting to bludgeon me to death with a plastic sand shovel.? It works.

Why am I so indecisive?? I like to chalk it up to being a closet perfectionist.? See, I want to find the perfect book, the perfect park, the perfect mom’s night out location.? So I tally up the pros and cons of each.? Until kingdom come.

So, hopefully, I will be blessed with divine inspiration regarding the book options any day now.? Otherwise, I’ve got my diaper box handy.

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