hubby mess 1/30/07

Posted by houndrat on Wednesday Jan 30, 2008 Under husbands

Actually, today was a pretty good day for hubby.? Although he still hasn’t mastered the trash can (or recycling bin, but that would really be pushing it):

Also, my husband apparently? has yet to figure out? that dirty clothes don’t walk themselves down to the laundry room.? If only we could train the clothes!? However, since I can’t even train my puppy? that her food comes from a dog bowl and not the kitchen trash (hey, at least she knows where it’s located, unlike? certain other family members), or train my husband to pick up his raunchy undies, or train my 4 yr old to wipe his own tushy, I think clothes-training might be a bit lofty a goal for me.

Exhibit A:? Hubby obviously has decided that the floor by the bed is a good substitute for the laundry basket.

Exhibit B:? Hubby obviously thinks it is accepted practice to simply dump the unwanted contents of your gym bag on the floor wherever it’s handy.? Nothing like a little eau de sweaty feet wafting through the family room.? Maybe it will help me cut back on snacking.

(Disclaimer:? composition of any and all photos may be modified to disguise the messes of other family members–namely, mine.)

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