Cleaning out the cabinets

Posted by houndrat on Saturday Jan 26, 2008 Under family life, Uncategorized

So, my husband got the urge to clean out/tidy up the food in the kitchen cabinets today.? This sounds more impressive than it actually is, given the fact that our real-life kitchen is about the size of one of those Step 2 play kitchens.? But still, I can’t complain., and I’ve learned you never, ever question a man on a cleaning streak.

So, in the midst of disposing of buckets-full? of old yuck food, my husband comes across something that really takes the cake.? This looks like a perfectly normal box of? ? Stove Top? Stuffing, right??

Well, take a gander at the top of the box:

Best when used by September, 2003.? Yikes.? What’s scarier is that we didn’t even live in this house in September 2003.? Or September 2004. Apparently, when we moved here (it was July 2005, if you must know), we felt the need to cart along an already? egregiously out-dated box of? Stove Top? Stuffing.?

I mean, it’s not like the stuff tastes good even when it’s fresh (if that’s ever an appropriate way to describe a box of dessicated old toast crumbs).? ? I shudder to think how enticing it would be over four years past the expiration date.

Bon appetit!

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  1. Great Aunt Linda Says:

    I am so glad I did not come for the holidays this year, he he he. I am not sure how you could have missed this box, but look at all of the space you now have in those kitchen cabinets!

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