Baby blow-out in Target

Posted by houndrat on Thursday Jan 24, 2008 Under babies

Sometimes, I just can’t believe that so much poop can come out of one little baby.?

Today, she had the mother of all blow-outs, in Target, no less? She must have known that I was out of good diapers and had her strapped into an inferior brand that was fairly busting at the seams anyway, since she’s gone up a size.? Apparently, she also knew that poop on a white background makes a nice contrast.

I mean, seriously, I think there was more poop out of the diaper than inside it—how is that possible?

No? wonder everyone in Target kept giving me a wide berth.

? I’ve been thinking of switching to cloth diapers, but then this happens, and I am petrified of permanently defiling every single outfit she owns.? Ugh.

The funniest thing?? I call my husband to tell him what happened, and he says, “You know, those diapers aren’t very good.? They must be some kind of pee-only diapers.”?

Pee-only diapers?? Because that’s a? fad that would really sweep the nation.? Seriously, if anyone really decides to get cute and market such a beast, I will cheerfully mail them every single blow-out item I can find.? By the time they cook a little in the mail, the scent alone ought to be registrable as a national weapon.

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3 Responses to “Baby blow-out in Target”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Actually, we had far fewer blowouts in cloth than in ‘sposies. Seriously, get that baby butt in some cloth. Life will be better, pinky swear!

  2. bonnie Says:

    What she said. In about 3 years of cloth dispaering I NEVER had a blowout.

  3. corey Says:

    Disposable diapers are better i am a 11 year old boy and wear diapers every day ttrust me :) :):):):):):)::)

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