Have you heard of these post-flu symptoms?

Posted by houndrat on Monday Jan 21, 2008 Under kids

My son recently recovered from the flu.? Call me crazy, but I was sort of expecting things to get back to normal.? Do you suppose that normal bears any resemblance to what’s been going on in our household the last few days?? Yeah, not so much.

Okay, so I expected a little residual coughing.? Maybe some left-over crankiness.? What didn’t I expect?? ? Why, a? new side-effect of the flu that robs 4 yr olds of their ability to perform a variety of basic daily functions, that’s what.?

For example, did you know that apparently this new? post-flu symptom? zapped the? urine wiping ability right from my son’s hand?? Yup, it’s true.? Because every single time that little stinker hits the potty, he’s hollering for one of us to come and “wipe my wee wee!”? (that includes the middle of the night, oh joy, oh joy–just the thing to wake up to at 3:00 in the morning).? This, from a child who’s been potty trained since just after he turned two.?

Not only that—it has also robbed him of knowing how to remove his own shoes, find his shirt drawer, fix his own covers, and eat anything other than bread and butter.? You think I exaggerate?? If you only knew.

You know, I’ve had the flu several times, and I just can’t remember these side-effects.?

Of course, if I’m hollering for someone to come wipe me? every time? I tinkle, I guess we’ve got a lot of bigger problems around here than a cranky post-flu 4 yr old.

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  1. mike Says:

    I dont know you or your kid but my first thought is that he got used to the attention he was getting when he wassick and kind of liked it. Now that he is better, he feels not so much of the king anymore and would like the king treatment not to end.
    Just my thoughts, Father of 3 boys

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