New Year’s resolutions, revisited

Posted by houndrat on Friday Jan 18, 2008 Under New Year's resolutions

Okay, so maybe I was a bit hasty with the self-congratulatory kudos in the procrastination department.? ? Granted, it was a huge step for us to deposit (read toss) our? Christmas tree? on? the curb on time.? Unfortunately, that’s the only Christmas item that’s made a timely exit from our home or surrounding area.

For example, take a gander at our fireplace mantel (photo taken yesterday).? Perhaps I can start a new decorating theme of year-round Christmas (because that would be so appropriate in San Diego, where it’s? typically scorchin’ balls, even? in December).?

I especially like how the rotting Poinsettia and decaying dirty diaper add to the overall ambiance of our family room.

Next, take a stroll up the walkway to our house, and what will you find?? Why, it’s our handy-dandy Christmas tree stand, still in the exact same spot where it landed after we flung our tree out into? the street.? We are literally? forced to step? over it multiple times on a daily basis, yet on our walkway it continues to reside.? Personally, I think it makes an interesting conversation piece.?

And finally, the piece de resistance.? Yes, our holiday reindeer and our fifteen foot? inflatable polar bear (because it just wouldn’t be Christmas without one of those), not to mention our lights, are all still? partying it up? together on our front lawn.? You know the neighbors dig that stuff.

So I say, bah humbug to eliminating procrastination.? It’s kind of nice to still have Christmas? in our home—even if it is a? slightly less fragrant one.

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