Husbands, undies, and ADHD

Posted by houndrat on Thursday Dec 6, 2007 Under husbands

My husband just recently diagnosed himself as adult ADHD.? He tells me this as if I’m supposed to be surprised or something.? As if I’ve never? realized that he doesn’t pay attention when I’m talking.? Does he not think I notice when I send him to the store for milk and bread,? and he comes back with a watermelon instead?? Or that when it was his turn to pay the bills, we almost had our electricity shut off?? Twice?? Or that he’s impulsive?? Like the time he decided he wanted to re-finish his $3000 speakers, so he ripped the wooden panels off within two seconds of the idea striking him?? Or that he leaves projects unfinished?? Like? said $3000 speakers, which have been sitting there with the wood panels ripped off for the past two years?? I won’t even bring up the countless gadgets and various crap he’s purchased over the years, because the “impulse” struck him.

What I wonder, though, is if it’s really ADHD that makes him forget to pick up his undies.? I mean, surely even the most distracted person? is aware of? when they strip off their skivvies? Don’t you at least feel a draft?? And yet there his are, strewn all over the house like rice at a wedding.? Only larger and smellier.? ? And it sort of begs? the question of why in the world my husband is stripping in all corners of the house?? This, as with many things concerning my husband, is probably a question best left unanswered.

So, what does my husband do when he decides he is ADHD?? He goes and buys about 100 books about it, of course.? Because we all know how good ADHD folks are at finishing books.? Basically,? the books are? just something else for me to pick up around the house.? ? Maybe they can keep the undies company.? If the books could only tell him how to remember to pick up the books, we’d be making some serious progress.? But I guess we can’t have it all.

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3 Responses to “Husbands, undies, and ADHD”

  1. Great Aunt Linda Says:

    Pick up his book, how about clean out the garage. Maybe list a few things on e-bay and make some $$$ so he can buy more books.

  2. Donnell Says:

    Can you let Scott know that we beat him to the punch – we diagnosed him (along with the rest of EVERYONE ELSE HE KNOWS) more than three years ago. How many jobs does he have again?? ;-) Miss you guys!

  3. Sunny Says:

    I was diagnosed at age of 29 with adult adhd. And yes I alway throw my clothes on the floor, sometimes I reuse them if I’m in a hurry. But with Vyvanse and my wife giving me positive encouragement, I am putting forth more mental effort to put them in the hamper. And you forgot to mention the positive things about Adult ADHD, being like the engizer bunny that never tire. and the dedication of always doing something instead of napping. And the books do help us understand and how to improve even if we don’t finish the entire thing. We extract the info we want and drive on. We all have issues so don’t discrimenate! I tease my wife about her OCD (not diagnosed yet) Have a blessed day!

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